This Page will go over 5 entire albums that KGATLW released all in one year

Flying Microtonal Banana

Flying Microtonal Banana was the first of five albums the band would release in 2017.
They experimented with microtuning and shifting pitches of instruments, their voice, and tuning instruments mid play to give a unique sound they have never attempted.

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Murder of the Universe

The 2nd of the monstrous five albums. Murder of the Universe is a lot like Eyes Like the Sky since it's more of a story than straight up music.
The album tells three stories, one of a beast altered by human pollution. The next is the Lord of Lightning VS Balrog, light versus dark.

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Sketches of Brunswick East

This is a jazz album believe it or not...

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Polygondwanawhat... this album was like a lucrative enigma. Some songs from this album were performed exclusively at live concerts in Melbourne as early as 2016, but were just now put to tape.

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Gumboot Soup

Gumboot Soup was leftovers from the earlier albums of 2017. Good addition to their discography, reminds me of Kendrick Lamar's Untitled and Unmastered release.

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